Meet  Jake Kauffman...

Have you ever felt like you are capable of so much more? 

I know I have. 


Deep down I knew that I was only scratching the surface of my potential.

I always knew I was supposed to have a huge impact but I felt like there was something holding me back that I wasn't aware of.


No matter how hard I worked...


or what I tried I couldn't seem to reach that next level in my coaching business...


I was overworked and overwhelmed.


Despite all of my success I felt unfulfilled... 


It left me sad & frustrated.


Ultimately I realized that it had nothing to do with my business and everything to do with me...


It was my personal issues and subconscious self-sabotage that was preventing me from creating even greater success and having the impact I knew I was capable of!


Ultimately the biggest thing standing in the way between me creating even more success in my business and feeling fulfilled...

"People don't have business problems, they have personal problems that show up in their business!" - JK

My business really started to take off when...

...I focused on my own personal transformation and emotional intelligence!


The more I grew personally within myself the more my coaching business began to grow and prosper...


Every time I experienced a personal breakthrough I would experience a professional breakthrough!


Everything came into full alignment...


My coaching business grew dramatically and I made more money than I ever had before...


In the first 12-months I doubled my prices, attracted dream coaching clients and made over $225k!!


Even my clients began to create better results and my impact increased even more...


I felt happy & fulfilled.


I was finally living up to my potential and creating the success I knew I was capable of!

These are the  life events that have made me into the man I am today...

  • I graduated college in 2008 - right before the stock market crashed... 

    Despite graduating with a double major in business & sociology, I spent the first several years after college working as a valet in Chicago and in a variety of other service industry jobs because of the poor job market.



  • MAR


    I finally landed my first corporate job 5 years later...

    I had just been promoted to my first executive sales role and had out performed 50 + other salesmen in my first month on the job - a month later I was fired. 

  • After getting fired from my corporate job I returned to the service industry as a waiter at a fine dining restaurant...

    We won "Best New Restaurant in Chicago" & "Best New Restaurant in America" but I was overworked and overwhelmed. I hardly ever saw my friends or family. Despite the success, I had never been more unhappy in my life. 



  • MAY


    In June of 15' I moved to Los Angeles. Over the course of the next year I filmed the final months of my grandfather's life. 

    While filming I learned that communication is the #1 patient complaint in healthcare and so I decided to go into healthcare technology to transform the way healthcare practices communicate with their patients.

  • I became the first salesman at a healthcare start-up called WELL Health... 

    Over the next 2 years I would take the company from ~$6k / month to over ~$340k / month and from being the first salesman to having 13 full-time dedicated sales employees. 



  • JAN


    In January 19' I started my online coaching business supporting online coaches & entrepreneurs...

    Around the same time I shared my story of sexual abuse online for the first time which caused me to go on my own healing journey and ultimately led me to support my clients with their own personal transformation. 

Are you ready to shift into your next evolution?

Your next level is going to require a different version of you! 

My name is Jake Kauffman and I am a High Performance Coach & Business Mentor to mission driven coaches & entrepreneurs.


As a former healthcare sales executive, I knew that my deeper calling was to support other coaches, entrepreneurs and influencers in their own personal transformation, so that they can grow their business & increase their ability to create breakthrough...


Since 2018 I have coached hundreds of the top online coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs to overcome their subconscious self-sabotage while supporting them in growing their business revenue. 


I'm also an author and speaker and my first book "Love Me" comes out in the fall of 20'. In it I talk about my story of abuse growing up and how I was able to overcome my pain that ultimately unlocked my potential to serve and support others in their personal development and transformation.


If you're serious about taking your online coaching business to the next level and stepping into your next evolution click the link to apply below!



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